MLB Player Similarity - Calculation

An initial look into how to calculate the similarity between two players in Major League Baseball.

Optimization in SAS: Results

It's time to execute the model and examine the results from proc optmodel.

Optimization in SAS

This is an overview to optimization and Proc OPTMODEL in SAS.

Optimization in SAS: Proc OPTMODEL

With data, let's formulate our optimization model and get the code ready to execute.

Optimization in SAS: Background and Data Prep

In order to use some of the optimization proceedures, you need to process data in a certain way.

SAS and Optimization

SAS has some great tools for applying traditional constraint programming techniques.

JIEDDO - Operations Research and Systems Analysis Support

Supporting the warfighter with data


Statistical approach to determining regional based fraud in healthcare claims.

Statistical Analysis of Defensive Production in Major League Baseball

Using statistics to determine defensive production on play-by-play data.