Operations Research

Port Operations Analysis for PNNL

Simulate port operations to optimize tradeoff between speed and security.

Similar Players in MLB

Taking a quantitative approach to identify which players are similar to each other.

Simulating a baseball game

Using R and Dynamic Programming to simulate a baseball game.

MLB Player Similarity - Calculation

An initial look into how to calculate the similarity between two players in Major League Baseball.

Department of Energy Cost and Schedule Tool

Built a tool to determine changes to cost and schedule

Veteran Benefits Administration Command and Control Model

Understand bottlenecks and other systemic issues to increase system efficiency.

Strategic Workforce Model

Model workforce dynamics to understand different hiring strategies.

Optimization in SAS: Results

It's time to execute the model and examine the results from proc optmodel.

Optimization in SAS

This is an overview to optimization and Proc OPTMODEL in SAS.

Optimization in SAS: Proc OPTMODEL

With data, let's formulate our optimization model and get the code ready to execute.