Machine Learning

Data Science Upskilling for the CDC

As the Project Lead, we supported CDC's efforts in upskilling their staff in a variety of data science competencies from time series regression to data wrangling to communicating your results to all audiences.

When Machine Learning Fails

An overview of the challenges in using machine learning and some suggestions on how to overcome them.

COVID-19 Healthcare Coalition

The COVID-19 Healthcare Coalition is a private-sector led response that brings together healthcare organizations, technology firms, nonprofits, academia, and startups to preserve the healthcare delivery system and help protect U.S. populations. Together, we’re working to provide data-driven, real-time insights that improve outcomes.

State Engagement to Address Opioid Overprescribing and Misuse

Using analytics to understand opioid prescribing behaviors.

Predicting Pitch Types

Predict the next pitch based on pitcher batter histories.

Predictive Analytics in Child Welfare

Supporting HHS/ASPE in their efforts to explain the use of predictive analytics to child welfare agencies.

Children at Risk Research

Using analytics to determine risk factors associated with child fatalities.

Real Time Predictive Modeling

Design and implement a model to perform real time predictions.

MLB Player Similarity

Using stats to determine how similar baseball players are to each other.

Sentiment Analysis for specific Brand Products

Translating unstructured text to interpret feelings towards a brand.